The APEC Workshop on Renewable Energy Promotion and Pricing Mechanism was hosted by the Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs on 26-27 September in San Want Hotel in Taipei. It is aimed to establish a platform for in-depth dialogue on energy policy and implementation experience in APEC region. The workshop was opened by the remarks delivered by the Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs, Dr. Tzu-Chun Tu, followed by the presentations of experts from Australia, Japan, Korea, China, the Philippines, Thailand and Taiwan. The workshop was also attended by officials from representative offices of APEC economies in Taiwan, the five municipalities, central government, and experts from industrial and academia fields, with a total of nearly 110 participants.
Taiwan has long been engaged in APEC energy cooperation, which, through regional policy dialogue and exchange on energy issues, is aimed to promote integration of energy development strategies of APEC economies and to ensure that energy policies and projects in each economy are in line with APEC’s goal of regional economic and sustainable development. After two-day’s heated discussion, participants agreed that APEC should work together to establish an “efficient, transparent, reliable and flexible” renewable energy promotion and pricing mechanism, and to encourage private sector funding to support and involve in the promotion of renewable energy activities. Besides, in the roundtable session, participants had in-depth discussion on every feasible plan to expand renewable energy development in APEC region from the perspectives of financing system, dialogue partnership, resource connection and expert exchange.
The Bureau of Energy emphasized that a sound renewable energy promotion and pricing mechanism will be the key to sustainable development of renewable energy industry. By hosting this workshop, Taiwan has successfully developed in-depth policy dialogue on regional energy issues of APEC, and, by promoting experience and information exchange on renewable energy among APEC economies, Taiwan has also strengthen its critical role in the initiation, coordination and facilitation of APEC’s key energy issues. It is anticipated that, besides technical cooperation, Taiwan can further contribute to the connection of regional renewable energy development strategies, to facilitate regional application and development of renewable energy and to strengthen its capability of participating in global renewable energy issues.

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