In recent years, the promotion of renewable energy development has been recognized worldwide as important economic engine and solution to the challenges of climate change. As the technical development and market condition of renewable energy are changing fast, how to establish a sound renewable energy promotion and pricing mechanism to enable better responses of related policy measures to the rapidly evolving industry, and to ensure stable and sustainable renewable energy development which will contribute to sustainable economic growth are the common challenges faced by APEC economies.
In order to build consensus on renewable energy development and to establish a platform for renewable energy policy dialogue in APEC region, the Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs will host an APEC Workshop on Renewable Energy Promotion and Pricing Mechanism on 26-27 September in San Want Hotel. Experts from APEC economies, including Australia, Japan, Korea, China, Thailand and the Philippines will participate in the workshop to share their experiences in promoting renewable energy policy and practical implementation. They will especially focus on the widely adopted mechanisms in the APEC regions, such as feed-in tariff and Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard.
Taiwan always spares no efforts to promote renewable energy development. In this workshop, the Bureau of Energy will present Taiwan’s experience and achievement in promoting renewable energy development. It is anticipated that the experience sharing and in-depth discussion among APEC representatives and experts will allow Taiwan to demonstrate its achievement in promoting renewable energy development, as well as inspire new policy thinking for Taiwan’s design and implementation of renewable energy promotion and pricing mechanism.

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